Sub-Saharan Africa has been especially hard hit as it lacks large-scale local antivenom producers, and most countries rely on imported products that may, or may not, meet the right standards. Every year, around 60 – 80 people are injured in shark attacks, and the warm waters off South Africa are home to some of the oceans’ most dangerous sharks. It is also essential that you know which basic items are needed in a first aid box. Glad you’re getting around to painting the first aid box! A successful first aid training program should be incorporated into every company’s design plan. My youngest child suffered an injury at school (2010) not one teacher had up-to-date first aid training, and the school principal was out of the building who had the ONLY current training. You can store extra water and food supplies in the out building. Their role can often also include checking and maintianing stocks of emergency supplies, testing and verifying drinking water supplies are clean, as well as inspecting both raw and cooked foods from the kitchen.

No more magic sponge and muddy water. Still, more technical requirements are also expected. The roadside emergency kit is useful in helping drivers solve their car problems quickly so that they can reach where they are going in time. Sub-accounts are also needed to help depreciate your assets at tax time as a business expense. The most common victims of snakebite are between the ages of 10 and 30, typically the most productive members of society, which adds to the impact of their death or disablement on their families and communities. The impact can be so severe that after a snakebite some families have no option but to remove children from school, simply because they can no longer afford to keep them in education. There are multiple reasons why snakebite has become so neglected and each of these reasons affects one another, creating a complex series of intertwined relationships. They are also often responsible for conducting weekly first aid seminars for all workers aboard the oil rig.

Issues can arise as a lot of the workers aboard oil rig installations may speak foreign languages, so it is critical for the medical personnel to be able to quickly and effectively diagnose the problem. Communal latrines may attract rodents, which, again, attract venomous snakes, a situation that often exposes women and young children to the risk of snakebite. Until more people begin to access good medical care, and can do so affordably, the reporting of snakebite envenoming will continue to be fragmented and unreliable. People living in poor quality housing with inadequate sanitation are typically also those without access to sturdy footwear (which can prevent a large percentage of bites) or adequate healthcare. Like so many diseases in the developing world, the burden of snakebite is heaviest in poor communities. Snakebite is one of the world’s most prevalent and impactful zoonotic (animal in origin) diseases and is responsible for 4 to 5 times as many deaths as mosquito-borne dengue hemorrhagic fever. What is a relatively minor problem here is an issue of the gravest concern elsewhere in the world: snakebite is one of the world’s most neglected tropical diseases.

This move was in response to a request from UN Member States, supported by the Global Snakebite Initiative (GSI), who are concerned that the magnitude of the suffering caused by snake bites has been unappreciated and in some cases ignored. Poorly constructed homes are easily entered by snakes in search of prey and people sleeping on the floor are at particular risk of bites from Asian kraits (genus Bungarus) and nocturnal African spitting cobras (genus Naja). Other dangerous species of snake, such as kraits (genus Bungarus) may be there to feed on the cobras and vipers, as well as rodents. Many venomous snakes love to feed on rodents, making agricultural and suburban or even urban areas attractive environments for the more adaptable species. If you’ve been on an Oil Rig for any length of time, even a few months, you might qualify for a step-up from the entry level positions described above.