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If they can’t, putting on a tourniquet for appropriate bleeding is the one and only approved intervention at this stage for anyone else to perform. The first stage is Care Under Fire. First aid action on these case are control of bleeding, care for shock, splint affected area to prevent further movement (without causing further pain to victim) and cold packs may help reduce pain and swelling. See the doctor if the wound doesn’t heal or if you notice any redness, drainage, warmth or swelling. If larger debris still remains more deeply embedded in the wound, see your doctor. If the puncture is deep, on the foot, dirty or contaminated object and the victim haven’t had a tetanus injection within five years, the doctor may recommend a booster within 48 hours of the injury. First Aid on Puncture Wound (small hole in the skin that may caused by an object piercing the skin, it can be on the surface of skin or may be deep in which depending on the source and cause).

Puncture is result of an animal (stray dog or a wild animal) or human bite, antibiotics is needed and suggest initiation of a rabies vaccination series. Casualties in “peacetime” or wartime may occur as a result of being under direct or indirect fire. Ussualy the wounds close fairly quickly on their own and does not result in excessive bleeding, but these wound can be dangerous case. Breathing these fumes can cause coughing, choking and respiratory difficulty. If a small amount of acid enters the lung during ingestion or aspiration during vomiting, it can cause serious lung damage leading to death. Head injury most common cause by traffic accidents, falls, physical assault, and accidents at home, work, outdoors, or while playing sports. The point is that when you’re taking fire, the best first aid is returning fire and gaining fire superiority, while putting something between you and the bad guys that stops bullets. Under those conditions, priorities of action change, and the best way to approach such a situation is currently embodied in the Tactical Combat Casualty care model currently in use by the US military for the last decade-plus. First aid on burn Injury are require different type of care depending on the type and extent of injury.

And in such emergency situations first aid and CPR can save their lives to a great extent. Begin cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) for the first aid action if there’s no respiration or heartbeat until emergency personnel arrive. THE RESPIRATION PROCESS Respiration is a two-pronged process. You no longer passively recover health, you have to either find a first aid kit or craft one. It is thus one of the best options for hearing aids. The best way to determine the fees for services operated is to benchmark competition and by considering the salaries of staff and overheads, and adding a mark up. If the blood spurts or continues to flow after several minutes of pressure, call emergency medical services (EMS) team or ambulance. We’ve got the solutions to help you in case of an emergency situation. I’ve got a sequel coming up on what I plan on doing – I’m an old lady so have to play it safe. The Difference from Contact Manager As opposed to the old Contact Manager, the new Business Contact Manager 2007 with the enhanced features of Office Outlook 2007 you can now do a variety of functions.

Wear goggles. Remove your contact lenses if you wear them, and use eyeglasses instead. 1. “Real hikers” just use tape, but moleskin is better for scouts who will not catch blisters as early. A moist cloth will prevent this from happening as much as possible. Stop bleeding by apply gentle pressure with a clean cloth or bandage. Cover the wound with bandages to keep the wound clean and keep harmful bacteria out, try to do the dressing regularly. Have the person sit down, rest, and try to keep calm. 4. Help the person take the medication (usually nitroglycerin, which is placed under the tongue) to reduce chest pain when heart attack occur. 3. Ask if the person takes any chest pain medication for a known heart condition. All of us can reduce the risk of heart attack, Adults should take steps to control heart disease risk factors whenever possible. If someone has a cardiac arrest or heart attack, there are only a few minutes to act before it is too late. 1. You might add 1 dose of any daily meds you kids might forget that are truly needed.